Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wow!!  This was a great week at school as we did our end of the year assessments.  I love seeing how far all of them have come since the begining of the year!  I will say that my eyes are a little buggy after trying to follow so many students with the 1 minute fluency reading and retell!

Now to finish my current theme!!  Hopefully to have it ready to post next week!!!  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Well!!  Starting into the wonderful world of blogging!  I have been a classroom teacher for 12 years.  I am currently a Learning Support Teacher at a wonderful district.  My passion is to make learning exciting for all types of learners. 

I love making my classroom a fun place!  It makes the students feel comfortable and excited about coming to school!  I have to laugh, because even my older kiddo (5th and 6th grade) loved coming into my room at the begining of the year to see what the new theme for the year.  I recently finished up this classroom theme kit for a dear friend of mine who loves Monsters!!  I can't wait to use it this summer as I teach Reading Readiness for our district.

        Monsters Themed Classroom Kit