Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wonderful Math Review and TPT Sale!!!

I have been looking for a Math review to use in my classroom that doesn't take up a ton of time!!  I couldn't wait to try  Mrs Nutter's Math Review Worksheets.

 What I loved about them is that the layout is easy for the kids to write in to work out the problem.  It gives 4 problems everyday that reviews a previously taught math skill. I gave the students 6-8 mins to complete the problems.  Most of them were done in under 5 mins. We then reviewed them as a class so that everyone understood all the concepts.  We had the whole review done in under 10 mins.

You could use these as on overhead transparency or scan them to your computer and use them on the Smartboard.  I found using them on the Smartboard easier because then I only had one file and not alot of overheads.

Check out Mrs. Nutter's other items!!! on TPT!!  She also has an amazing blog with great ideas...hop on over and check it out!!

Ready Readers

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Thanks to Jessica Stanford for organizing this wonderful product swap!!  Check out the link to the other reviews of amazing products to use in your classroom!