Sunday, April 21, 2013


 As some of you know, I was moved into 3rd grade in January due to a teacher retiring!!  Big change from 5th grade to 3rd grade.  I was a little stressed to say the least!!

I knew that state testing was starting on April 8th and my goal was to get the kids ready for that big day!!  I didn't want to do the typical test prep review that everyone does with packets, so I went to my favorite source....Teacher Pay Teachers!!

 Ari over at The Science Penguin has amazing Math resources on her Math Penquin blog.

  I found her test prep for 3rd grade and thought "This would be more interesting than test packets!!"
 It has 10 different stations that the student can rotate through.  I decided that we would do 2 rotations a day.  This gave me 5 days of station activities.  The students were so excited to work with their partners and I was so excited to change up testing review.  Thanks Ari!!

I also used one of my own....Spider Round Up Game.  The kids loved reviewing rounding to the Tens and Hundreds.  Go on over and grab this FREEBIE!!