Saturday, September 21, 2013

Place Value and Eggs!!

Okay, so they really don't go together!! But this is what my 3rd grade kiddos are working on right now!  We have been looking at Physical and Chemical changes in Science class.  We have just finished day 5 of our 7 day egg experiment.  This is the one where you put an egg in vinegar for 7 days. Students make a hypothesis the first day and then observations the rest of the days.  At the end you have a "rubber" egg. The shell has dissolved and the membrane and egg are still intact.  They really don't believe it, so I show them it is still the egg by popping it!  They all scream with delight and "gross" comments.
We then do a "sort" using our changes cards.  This is just a quick hands on visual for them.  Last years class I had task cards that I used, but this years class really needs the visual form so I quick whipped this up one night. I had to laugh, because as I used it in class, I made a typo and the kids all caught it!!  I don't have this one posted yet (maybe this weekend).  However, would be happy to give it to the first 4 people that comment below.
Okay...on to Place Value.  Background knowledge.  I teach 3rd grade and we level in our district, so I have the lower math group that need a lot of visuals and support.  I spent so much time on Place Value this week!!! But I really think they got it!!  I used Place Value to introduce the concept. But I need a fun activity for Friday. So I quickly made up a game of Scoot with Monsters. I actually used it by taping them up around the room. I placed them in partners for added support. 

They really enjoyed it and it was so good for them to be up and about. 

 First 4 comments below will get you the Physical and Chemical sort  before I post it on TPT!