Saturday, February 8, 2014

Evernote in my classroom

How many of us scribble notes about students and then put them somewhere to never be found again??  I knew I need to change how I tracked items in my classroom!  I found an amazing app called EVERNOTE.  It has changes how I organize files, notes from kids, tracking reading skills and everything in between. 

 Think of "folders" that we all have in our classroom.  I created a Folder for the subjects that I wanted to add information.  For example...Daily 5/Cafe, Math, and checklists.  Within each one you can add your student's names.  Almost like a folder within a folder.  This is an amazing way to keep reading conference information. I have even recording my student's reading!
Probably the one feature that I love the most is to create checklists.  This is very easy to make and then display on the board.  The kids love to go up and check off their name on a given projects.  I use it to track which student brought back their dentist's forms and other important papers. 
I know that there is so much that I could do with Evernote and I am so excited to stretching myself with new technology!  I found an amazing blog that walks you through setting up Evernote.  Make sure to check it out!
                                           EVERNOTE TUTORIALS

Monday, February 3, 2014

Glitter does Matter!!!!

I want to introduce you to a brave young girl by the name of Ellie.  Ellie is an 11-year-old girl from Fairfax Station, Virginia whose diagnosis of a rare brain disease has left her sick, cognitively delayed, and with many unanswered questions. The inflamed white matter in her brain has been dubbed "Glitter Matter" by Ellie, whose positive & exuberant spirit has shone through despite all of her challenges. You can read more about Ellie here

How can we help??

 Prayer!  Please pray for strength for Ellie and her family. Pray for the doctors as they research how to treat this rare disorder.

Help us raise money!    

The only answer to her condition is extensive research, which the family cannot afford after experiencing financial hardship due to staggering medical bills over the past couple of years. Please help us raise money for her research through purchasing Glitter Matters Bundle: Everything for Ellie!

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 Included in the bundle, you will receive a bedazzling set of classroom management tools that will carry you through the year:
Positive Notes Home, Calendar cards, Punch Cards, Certificates, Birthday Kit, Glitter Science Labs, Sight Word Texting Codes, Silver Bling ABC's, Editable notebook & binder covers, editable hand signal posters, & digital papers.

Thank you to the following contributors!
Erin Waters
Christina Mauro
The Moffatt Girls
Cara Taylor
Dancing Crayon Designs
Tools for Teachers By Laurah J
Faith Siegrist
D P Sharpe
Smart Chick

Remember...GLITTER MATTERS! :)