Friday, August 16, 2013

Organize Mode!!

I was determined to go in over the summer and organize all of the closets and cabinets!  I was "blessed" with 25 years of "stuff" that the teacher before me left!  I really wished I had taken before pictures!!
Math Manipulative were all in baggies just shoved in a closet,  It took me a whole afternoon to sort and put in bins what I knew 3rd graders would use.  I actually have the top shelf empty for future purchases!! NICE!
Now onto the rest of the closets!! One of the biggest problems that I ran into last year was the clutter of papers that needed graded and filed. Have you heard of a wonderful site called Pinterest (LOL)?  I found this neat idea where you buy the 3 drawer plastic bins and then "pretty" them up.  All papers go into the drawers. Now to remind myself that the papers don't magically get graded and filed!!   So I made these labels to go with my classroom colors this year.  I put it up in my store as a FREEBIE for all to enjoy!!

Next job is to organize all classroom supplies.  Good thing we don't start till after Labor Day!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Birthday Glitter!!

I have an addiction!!  I LOVE Glitter!!!  No not the stuff that gets all over my classroom, but the DIGITAL kind!!  My new favorite artist is  Glitter Meets Glue!  So....hmmmm Glitter.....need birthday posters for my classroom.....YUP!!!  Got it!!  Stayed up late trying to finish this.  My family won't have any clothes packed for vacation, but this unit is done!!!

FREEBIE!!  I want to give this away to 3 of my followers!!  Comment below and  I will pick 3 lucky people when I get back!!  Get it before I upload it to TPT!!!