Friday, August 16, 2013

Organize Mode!!

I was determined to go in over the summer and organize all of the closets and cabinets!  I was "blessed" with 25 years of "stuff" that the teacher before me left!  I really wished I had taken before pictures!!
Math Manipulative were all in baggies just shoved in a closet,  It took me a whole afternoon to sort and put in bins what I knew 3rd graders would use.  I actually have the top shelf empty for future purchases!! NICE!
Now onto the rest of the closets!! One of the biggest problems that I ran into last year was the clutter of papers that needed graded and filed. Have you heard of a wonderful site called Pinterest (LOL)?  I found this neat idea where you buy the 3 drawer plastic bins and then "pretty" them up.  All papers go into the drawers. Now to remind myself that the papers don't magically get graded and filed!!   So I made these labels to go with my classroom colors this year.  I put it up in my store as a FREEBIE for all to enjoy!!

Next job is to organize all classroom supplies.  Good thing we don't start till after Labor Day!

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