Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow and Science!!!

What do they have in common??  Well if you are here on the East Coast you will see that we are having a lovely winter!! 2 days in a row of no school! At this rate, I will be looking for 4th of July lesson plan ideas!  YIKES

Anyway.....I have been struggling with my Science kiddos.  How much to they really retain and understand in class? How can I really know? I saw an idea of concept posters and thought, "Why can't I do that for Science?"  I could use them as individual summative/formative assessment, I could put them into small groups and give each group a different topic. So many options! With all of this snow, it was a perfect opportunity to create these to use in my classroom.We just finished up Echolocation and I am looking forward to having the students work on these.

I love the idea of having these printed and ready to go for a quick substitute lesson.  Easy prep!

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